Why Basin? Teach thousands of tourists about power plants

Paige FleckWhen welcoming visitors to Antelope Valley Station, there’s a good chance Paige Fleck and her co-workers will provide snacks and cheerful background music at the front door.

Basin Electric operates Antelope Valley, northwest of Beulah, ND, which is where Fleck has worked for the past year-and-a-half. For her, it’s all about people.

The people here are great,” says Fleck, Antelope Valley administrative assistant II. “Everyone’s here to help and encourage you.”

Fleck’s main job is to give tours at the power plant. She also provides administrative support for operations and environmental systems.

Fleck says her co-workers have been instrumental in helping her learn the ins and outs of the plant. After studying hard for two months, she understood Antelope Valley’s electrical generating process quite well.

Of course, she continues to learn more along the way. At Basin Electric, employees can continually engage in many learning and development opportunities.

“I learn new things all the time because people ask different questions during every tour,” she says. “Everyone is very willing to help when I need it. I can contact anybody, all the way up to the plant manager, and they’ll help me.”

On this particular day, Fleck stands in Antelope Valley’s model room. All of her tours start with the 4,000-pound structure.

Read about a retired Basin Electric tour guide who gave more than 1,500 Antelope Valley tours during his 35-year career.

Initially, Fleck didn’t realize she’d be the main tour guide at Antelope Valley. Now, interacting with tour groups is her favorite part of the job.

Fleck’s had as many as six tour groups in one day, and she enjoys helping out employees in other parts of the plant in any way she can.

There’s a tight-knit employee atmosphere at Antelope Valley, which reflects the entire culture at Basin Electric. The communities the cooperative serves are pretty great, too.

“After living in the Beulah-Hazen (ND) area for three years, I wouldn’t change a thing about these communities,” says Fleck, originally from Bismarck, ND.

She especially enjoys the many recreational activities available locally. Shopping, camping and boating are among her favorites.

Along with a friendly culture and exciting community, Fleck also appreciates the great benefits and pay that come with a career at Basin Electric. However, the people will always be her favorite part of the job.

“Once you get started here, it’s the people who make it worthwhile,” she says.


  1. Daryl Hill says:

    Way to go Paige. You are a credible tour guide for the plant. I’m so proud of you!!

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