A visit with Basin Electric Director Don Applegate

Don Applegate

Basin Electric Director Don Applegate

When Basin Electric District 4 Director Don Applegate was starting his first year as a board member for an electric cooperative in Iowa, gas cost 32 cents per gallon and the average car cost less than $3,000.

Fast forward to today, and Don Applegate, a fourth-generation farmer near Oakland, IA, is serving his 50th year as a director at Nishnabotna Valley Rural Electric Cooperative in Harlan, IA.

Applegate shared his thoughts on what he views as electric cooperatives’ greatest challenge during a visit at Basin Electric’s 2015 Annual Meeting.

“The Clean Power Plan is our biggest challenge ever. All the rest, you look back and there were some means of solving it. This one, there are just no clear answers yet,” Applegate says. “Hopefully we can appeal to the EPA to get credit for some of the things Basin Electric has done. We’ve done the right thing environmentally and we’re always on the forefront of doing what we should do to be good citizens of this country. We’ve got a monumental task ahead of us to try to get through that.”

Read more about Applegate in “A day in the life of Director Don Applegate” in the November-December 2015 Basin Today.

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