Laramie River Station employees gift swing set to local foster children

Finished swing set

Laramie River employees built a swing set and donated it to a local foster family.

A group of foster children received a brand new swing set for Christmas, thanks to Santa’s helpers at Laramie River Station.

Laramie River, which Basin Electric operates and owns with five other entities, is located in Wheatland, WY.

When the local family asked for the gift via Laramie River’s Angel Tree in December, multiple plant employees stepped in to make the kids’ Christmas miracle come to life.

After $1,085 was raised and the new swing set was ordered, it needed to be assembled. Kim Kimura immediately provided warehouse space for the job.

Loading swing set

Laramie River employees load the finished swing set onto a trailer.

Kimura, Laramie River warehouse supervisor, saw firsthand the kindness of Basin Electric employees as they worked together to assemble the entire structure afterhours.

“It was great, for them to build something like that and donate it to a foster family in need – especially a family with little kids,” Kimura says. “It was a pretty cool swing set.”

Billie Deschene, Laramie River administrative assistant III, was part of the team that assembled the structure when it arrived. She enjoyed seeing her colleagues work together for such a great cause.

“It makes me tear up just thinking about it,” Deschene says.

After two evenings of hard work, the swing set was ready. On a workday before Christmas, Brad Thompson, Laramie River plant superintendent, let his fellow builders and others deliver the set to the family’s home.

Traveling swing set

Plant personnel trail the swing set, as it’s en route to the foster family’s house.

The cooperative way was alive this Christmas, and Deschene is thrilled Laramie River employees could help put smiles on the faces of four young foster children.

“This project shows our commitment to the community,” she says.

Installing swing set

Employees install the swing set in the foster family’s yard.


  1. This is such a wonderful thing! Awesome job!

  2. What a great story!!! Great job!!!

  3. This is the Basin Way. Great company and great employees

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