Top 9 Basin Electric videos of 2015

‘Tis the season for lists!

Here are Basin Electric’s top 9 videos this year, as counted by YouTube.

Since some of these videos are several years old, yet continue to rack up the views, each video on our list includes another link or two (or many more!) to help you learn about the topic it covers.

1. Garrison Dam releases more than 103,000 cubic feet per second June 3, 2011
(118,462 views in 2015 alone!)

Garrison Dam spillway 2011

Garrison Dam spillway, June 11, 2011.

Learn more:
Aerial video of Garrison Dam releases at more than 103,000 cubic feet per second
Basin Electric employees join the flood fight
Flood waters on the way to Bismarck, Mandan
Basin Electric employees fight Missouri River flood
Basin Electric employees leave their homes due to flood along Missouri River
Basin Electric employee spends morning and night in uniform
Basin Electric’s payroll supervisor talks about flood in his neighborhood
Dakota Gas employee says flood fight makes for good diet plan
Basin Electric employee thankful for flood fight support
Co-ops sponsor flood recovery conference

2. Laramie River Station generates more power
Learn more:
Laramie River Station commitment and compliance

3. Quick look at Freedom Mine near Beulah, ND
Learn more:
Meet two teachers on Lignite Energy Council tour (Video)

4. “Earth Eater” bucket used at Freedom Mine
Learn more:
“Earth Eater” is a new style for Freedom Mine

5. Coal mine dragline makes a big move
Learn more:
See a 13-million pound dragline move really fast

6. Lille Douglas on her brother Patton, a Brave the Shave honoree
Learn more:
Brave the Shave honorees: Video shoot behind the scenes

7. A day in the life of a lead maintenance technician
Learn more:
Basin Electric employee carries camera, documents day

8. Galloping Basin Electric transmission lines due to wind
Learn more:
Ice and wind take a toll on Basin Electric transmission lines

9. HRSG module setting (11A bundle) at Deer Creek Station
Learn more:
Getting ready for major module lift at Deer Creek Station
First HRSG module lift at Deer Creek Station
Neat perspective at Deer Creek Station

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