Stay Basin: Have fun and get involved

RandyIt’s the start of a Monday at Dakota Gasification Company, and Randy Zimmerman plops into his office chair for a breather. He droops down and makes a two-second funny face before returning to normal posture and chuckling at himself.

The Dakota Gas network security analyst has been on his feet all morning, working with fellow volunteers to distribute hundreds of wellness care packages to employees all around the plant. The care packages include flu season-related items, such as facial tissues, vitamin C packets and facts on how to fight germs.

Basin Electric cares about employee health, and the care packages are just one way employees can get involved. There are many opportunities to get involved at the cooperative.

That’s the thing about Zimmerman – he volunteers for everything and is constantly recruiting those around him. Watch the video.

Zimmerman enjoys promoting wellness through Basin Electric, where he’s worked for 32 years. He’s also quite the jokester.

“You know the old saying, ‘If there’s voting going on, don’t leave the room?’ Well, I left the room to go get a pop, came back and I was the chairperson for the PRIDE safety committee,” he says. It’s a role he’s played since 2008. “If I need anything from Basin Electric or Dakota Gas, as far as setting up a volunteer event, I ask and I never get turned down.”

When it comes to wellness at Basin Electric, Zimmerman means business. He’s in the office before 5 a.m. every day to get a run in before work.

“We have a great fitness center at Dakota Gas,” he says. Basin Electric provides such fitness opportunities at many of its locations, which are also open to employees’ family members.

Zimmerman is involved in other employee-focused programs at Dakota Gas, and loves to serve in his community. He enjoys refereeing at volleyball games, and has watched from the ref’s podium as all three of his daughters played the sport. He’s also been a volleyball coach for the girls.

Zimmerman has enjoyed watching his daughters succeed in life just as much as on the court. All three took part in Dakota Gas’ summer internship program, and one is currently working a co-op position on site. He says their experience working at Dakota Gas has been valuable.

“Basin Electric takes care of you and yours,” he says.

Zimmerman is thankful to have built his career at Basin Electric. The cooperative is made up of a tight-knit family culture where employees are valued for their work expertise – as well as their eagerness to lend a helping hand.

“There are a thousand reasons why I think Basin Electric is a great place to work,” Zimmerman says. “We’re all part of a family, and I think I’ve made this opportunity into something more by volunteering.”

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