Basin Electric cafeteria staff show they care during holidays

Melody Francis

Melody Francis, Basin Electric lead food services.

All year long, the Food Services staff at Basin Electric Headquarters goes the extra mile to bring quality and convenience to all employees.

Whether it’s providing breakfast for an early-morning meeting, or offering employees who sign up in advance the chance to purchase delicious leftovers, the hearts of Basin Electric’s cafeteria staff are just as warm as the meals they serve.

During the holidays, the good folks who operate the best lunch line around also sell frozen Christmas-themed cookies. For $5 per dozen, employees can take the delicious treats home and simply throw them into the oven. It’s a simple holiday convenience that means a lot to much of Basin Electric’s workforce.


The cookies don’t bring in revenue for the cooperative; that’s not really the idea. Melody Francis, Basin Electric lead food services, and her employees care about spreading the holiday spirit through added convenience.

“It’s just a little perk that helps people out,” Francis says.

Employees interested in purchasing Christmas cookies can do so by visiting Basin Electric’s cafeteria.

Read more about Francis in the Basin Today story, A day in the life of lead food services Melody Francis.


  1. Greg Schuchard says:

    Mel, you’re the best.

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