Chmielewski Christmas donations to help Basin Electric employee’s father fight cancer

Santa Ornament

Alan Chmielewski.

People find joy at Chmielewski’s Christmas Corner in Bismarck, ND. The house, located at 2228 Kennedy Ave., turns into a Christmas wonderland every year.

Since its start in 2006, the property has become a holiday attraction for families all over. Folks are drawn to the amazing display of lights, decorations and life-sized figures, which bring the magic of Christmas to people of all ages.

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In past years, money received through free-will donations and concessions at the house has gone toward local charities. This year, the annual Christmas tradition has new meaning for the Chmielewski family.

Alan Chmielewski, owner of the house, was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and recently had a resurgence of the rare tumor. Tiffany Bailey, Basin Electric engineering document coordinator III, is the daughter of Alan and Kathy Chmielewski.

Chmielewski Family

Members of the Chmielewski family gather in front of their yard’s Christmas decorations.

“The donations from the past have helped a lot of people,” Bailey says. “Now, we kids want to use that money to help Dad.”

Bailey says her father’s illness has made it hard for him to play his usual role of Santa Claus at the house. But, as Alan watches the smiling faces of the community through his living room window, his spirits are lifted.

“People comment in the guestbook that they’re praying for us,” she says. Supportive comments have also been pouring onto the family’s Facebook page, and friends and family have stepped in by preparing baked goods to be sold as concessions.

One thing is for certain this Christmas season – the Chmielewski family has strong hope for their beloved Santa. And there’s a lot to be excited for, says Bailey, who will have a baby in 2016.

For more information on Chmielewski’s Christmas Corner, visit their Facebook page. The lights usually come on Thanksgiving Day and people come to get a little Christmas spirit all the way into the New Year.

Christmas Wide Shot

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