Why Basin? Discover your talents, gain valuable work experience

Isaac MichaelsonIsaac Michaelson likes to take a hands-on approach to mechanical engineering. Sitting behind a desk just isn’t his forte.

It’s something he learned about himself when he started working at the Great Plains Synfuels Plant in Beulah, ND. While pursuing a mechanical engineering degree from North Dakota State University, Michaelson decided to complete three co-op programs with Dakota Gas, and the work experience he gained helped him realize he wanted to be a rotating equipment engineer for the Basin Electric subsidiary. Watch the video.

With two years under his belt, Michaelson now has a knack for troubleshooting issues with major pieces of equipment. He and his colleagues work hard to make sure the plant runs reliably every day.

Michaelson is in awe of the Synfuels Plant because it has a wide array of equipment a person won’t see anywhere else in the world.

“The experience of seeing these big pieces of equipment and what they do – it’s pretty awesome,” Michaelson says.

In his free time Michaelson likes doing shop work at home, as well as hunting and fishing in the Beulah area, where he grew up. He appreciates Basin Electric is so flexible with employees when it comes to taking vacation time to do the things they enjoy the most.

More than anything, Michaelson values the people he works with. He describes them as honest, hardworking and supportive.

If there’s ever a challenge to face, cooperative employees bounce ideas around until it’s resolved, Michaelson says.

The competitive benefits package Basin Electric offers is also something Michaelson appreciates. He says it’s tough to beat working for a cooperative that molds its people through experience, so they can grow professionally.

“I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else,” he says.

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