Pilings project essential to Dakota Gas’ urea facility construction (Video)

urea pilings

The foundation pilings were drilled this summer as part of urea production facility construction.

Dakota Gasification Company’s urea production facility construction project is a perfect example of the innovative spirit that abounds at the Great Plains Synfuels Plant.

An important part of that project was drilling the pilings, which took place this summer. Pilings provide a sturdy foundation for the structures that will be built at the site as the project progresses.

“The piles are essential to the project,” says Jim Greer, Basin Electric senior project manager. “They’re really the basis for everything that’s going to go vertical from here.”

As construction of the urea facility has progressed into this fall, there have been no issues with the pilings that were drilled this summer, according to Greer. “The concrete foundations are fitting together very nicely,” Greer says. “Quality assurance and quality control really assured we got an accurate foundation out there. Everything is fitting together like a glove.”

To learn more about the project, watch “Pilings project essential to Dakota Gasification Company’s urea facility construction


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    Nice job, Chris!

  2. Chris Gessele says:

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