Five reasons to give thanks at Basin Electric

iCan Bike Camp

Mike Wanzek, Basin Electric senior electrical engineer, helped Miles learn to ride a bike during the 2015 iCan Bike Camp Aug. 3-7.

Every year, our communications staff puts together a video for Annual Meeting to give an overview of the ways the cooperative family builds communities, lightens the load, and protects the environment.

This year, that Cooperative Social Responsibility video focused on five areas. Watch the video and give thanks for all the ways Basin Electric and the cooperative family are able to give back!

1. iCan Bike camp
Each year, Designer Jeans of North Dakota hosts a five-day camp that uses adapted bicycles, a specialized instructional program and trained staff to teach individuals with disabilities how to ride a bike. Riders attend a 75-minute session for five consecutive days where they are assisted and encouraged by two volunteer “spotters.” Listen to Dustin Erhardt, Basin Electric cyber security & compliance specialist III, talk about his week as a spotter. Also, see our post from iCan Bike: Basin Electric volunteers bring joy, hope to iCan Bike families

2. Military appreciation
Basin Electric and its subsidiaries support our employee-soldiers at home and abroad. In 2012, Basin Electric was honored with the Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award. Fifteen employers nationwide are honored each year. Basin Electric was also a finalist for the Freedom Award in 2010 and 2011. Kimberly Miller, Basin Electric senior business analyst, has voiced her appreciation several times for the way Basin Electric supports military employees. Listen to her experience, and read other posts by searching veteran on this blog.

3. Leland Olds Station fish sampling
Basin Electric is conducting entrainment studies at Leland Olds Station, a Basin Electric coal-based power plant near Stanton, ND. Entrainment is where organisms that live in the water are brought through traveling screens located in front of the water intake, circulated through the facility’s condenser and returned to the water. Watch Cris Miller, Basin Electric senior environmental project specialist, talk about the sampling and why it’s important to Basin Electric.

4. Scholarships
Basin Electric offers more than 180 scholarships in the amount of $1,000 every year for students entering or enrolled in college. Since 1991, Basin Electric has given nearly $4 million in scholarships. Listen to Elizabeth Erhardt, Basin Electric employee program assistant, talk about the process and the benefit the scholarships bring.

5. Support for BisMan Community Food Co-op
The BisMan Community Food Co-op is a start-up food cooperative in Bismarck, ND, being created by the community for the community. Basin Electric has shown its support for the co-op in several ways: cooperative representatives have been asked to be vendors during Health & Wellness weeks, and also to set up an informational booth during Co-op Coffee in the Garden events. Basin Electric also pays $50 of an employee’s $200 membership to the co-op. On top of this, Basin Electric gave $50,000 in preferred equity to help the co-op starting working on their building. The grocery store is slated to open in early 2016. Listen to Heidi DeMars, BisMan Community Food Co-op outreach coordinator, talk about how Basin Electric’s support has made all the difference.

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