Learning and Development program launched at Basin Electric

Nearly two years ago when Paul Sukut took over as the CEO of Basin Electric, the board of directors challenged staff to take a close look at some of the fundamental questions facing the cooperative. They wanted to make sure Basin Electric remained committed to the cooperative principles, not just in word, but in deed as well.

It was clear to staff there was work to do. That pushed, in part, the Human Resource Department to make changes in a number of areas: how Basin Electric recruits new employees, how Basin Electric brings them into the cooperative and retains them, how Basin Electric trains new employees, and how Basin Electric communicates with them.

At the core of these efforts is the Learning and Development team. Lynn Beiswanger, Basin Electric Learning and Development director, is advancing a robust program in ways that have never been done at Basin Electric before.

New Employee Orientation

Lynn Beiswanger, Basin Electric Learning and Development Director, conducting a new employee orientation session.

This new program will include the implementation of talent management cooperative-wide that will strengthen Basin Electric’s succession planning.

It will focus on soft skills, continuous improvement, change management, leadership training, customer service, a pre-supervisor training curriculum and mentoring programs. Other elements include a comprehensive apprenticeship program for Basin Electric facilities, implementation of the new learning management system and annually developing long-range educational opportunities.

Beiswanger described the program through video to the Basin Electric membership during the Basin Electric 2015 Annual Meeting in the section on Commitment to Cooperative, Workforce and Community.

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