Military Appreciation Lunch at Antelope Valley Station

Antelope Valley volunteers

Military Appreciation Lunch volunteers at the Antelope Valley Station show support for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Employee support for the Wounded Warrior Project came in the form of 11 volunteers and about 100 attendees at Basin Electric’s Antelope Valley Station today.

Volunteers served brats, beans and chips to raise money for the cause, which enlists the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members. Cupcakes from Sissy’s Sweets in Golden Valley, ND, made by Alesha Wolff, the wife of Antelope Valley Equipment Attendant JD Wolff, were also served.

See yesterday’s Veteran’s Day blog post, Veterans at Dakota Gas honored for their service, to learn about how Basin Electric supports employees who are veterans or current military service members.

AVS employees

Antelope Valley employees line up for the Military Appreciation Lunch.

Antelope Valley employees

Antelope Valley shift supervisors Tim Morrell (left) and Mike Sayler.


Antelope Valley’s Military Appreciation Lunch featured cupcakes from Sissy’s Sweets.

Aaron Vigesaa

Aaron Vigesaa, Antelope Valley mechanical engineer I, mans the grill.

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