Why Basin? Show your co-op pride

Nick NoeskeIt’s the end of an August work week at Basin Electric Headquarters and Nick Noeske is sporting a North Dakota State University (NDSU) polo shirt. Another Bison Pride Friday has finally arrived.

Bison Pride Friday, during which NDSU campus students show team spirit by wearing Bison athletics clothing, is a tradition Noeske has decided to keep alive at his new job in Bismarck, ND.

Much like his family, he’s psyched the Bison football season is finally here.

While Noeske’s Bison pride is strong, he also takes pride in his role as a mechanical engineer I at Basin Electric, which he started in July.

A college roommate spotted the job opening and knew Noeske would be a great fit. Basin Electric agreed.

“It was just the right opportunity,” he says.

Noeske appreciates the sense of community he’s found at Basin Electric.

“Everyone’s so approachable here. You can talk to anyone.”

Indeed Noeske is excited to be part of the Basin Electric team. It’s a team that not only offers great camaraderie, but job security.

“People need power,” Noeske says.

Noeske also likes that Basin Electric has competitive pay and benefits.

“Basin Electric is one of the few companies in North Dakota that can compete with pay and benefits on a national level.”

In addition, Noeske enjoys living in a thriving community. The Valley City, ND, native is especially excited to take part in recreational activities on the Missouri River. He’s also looking forward to trying out hunting and fishing around the region.

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