Education fuels Basin Electric project manager’s passion for science program

Amanda Wangler

Amanda Wangler, Basin Electric project manager III.

Amanda Wangler’s face lights up as she recalls when her love for engineering started.

“I decided I was going to study engineering while I was still in high school,” says Wangler, Basin Electric project manager III. “It’s just opened so many doors for me.”

The road to becoming an engineer was sometimes challenging for Wangler, considering she was one of only three women out of a college class of 50 engineering students. That challenge only motivated her to be among the best in her field.

In recent years, Wangler realized she wanted to share the wonder of science, technology, engineering and mathematics with others. Queue the Gateway to Science program.

“I wanted to get involved with Gateway to Science to encourage girls in these areas,” she says.

Wangler says this type of education opens up a new world for girls and boys alike, and the lifelong learning process needs to start early.

Watch the video to learn more about Wangler’s appreciation for Gateway to Science.

“We want to set kids up for great careers and opportunities, as they become adults,” she says. Wangler adds that she’s also enjoyed working with community leaders to build a new Gateway to Science facility, which would be an educational destination for people of all ages.

Wangler’s passion for engineering helped her earn her position at Basin Electric Headquarters in Bismarck, ND, and she’s decided to take her experiences to the podium through the Gateway to Science program. Her first Gateway presentation, “Wind Generation in North Dakota,” was Sept. 24 at Bismarck State College. The presentation, which featured information on wind turbine technology, career opportunities and the North Dakota “wind belt” area, was free for anyone in the community to attend.

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