Game of cones: Construction orange marks progress, safety at Basin Electric peaking stations

Darrell Slavick

Darrell Slavick, construction coordinator I, wants his employees to work safely every day.

Darrell Slavick is in his element when he’s helping build a peaking generation facility.

Sporting protective sunglasses and a hard hat that says “I work safely for Breanne” (his wife of six years), the Basin Electric construction coordinator I is almost always smiling. Slavick’s positive attitude and strong work ethic seem to be infectious to those around him.

As he looks at Pioneer Generation Station, Slavick says he’s happy about the quality and timeliness of the work that’s being done at the Williston, ND-based site, as well as the Lonesome Creek Station construction he helps oversee near Watford City, ND. In light of growing electricity needs around western North Dakota and beyond, both projects are designed to bring much-needed power to Basin Electric’s membership.

Construction cones and personal protective equipment are just a couple daily reminders of how vital safety is in the progress being made at Pioneer Generation Station and Lonesome Creek Station, each scheduled to be fully operational in June 2016. Basin Electric makes safety a priority for each and every employee – both in the field and in the office.

Pioneer Welding

Wearing the proper protective equipment and harness, an onsite worker welds part of a Pioneer Generation Station stack.

“Morale has been good for our crews in western North Dakota, and that leads to even more safe work practices,” Slavick says. “If you’re not anxious or in a hurry, you focus more on what you’re doing.”

Check out the video to hear Slavick describe Basin Electric’s safety culture.

Construction snapshot

Pioneer Generation Station: Two steel stacks were recently constructed at Pioneer Generation Station. Six Wärtsilä 20V34SG reciprocating engines will soon be moved into place.

Lonesome Creek Station: The Unit 4 stack, part of a selective catalytic reduction system (emissions reduction technology), was put in place the week of Sept. 14. Selective catalytic reduction materials for Unit 5 are expected to arrive onsite the week of Sept. 21.

Both projects are in Phase III of construction, which began in May 2015 and scheduled to be complete in June 2016.

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