Why Basin? It’s a friendly place

Sarah EricksonIt’s been a year of new beginnings for Sarah Erickson.

She and her husband are thrilled to have a new baby girl, and Erickson recently accepted the position of associate contract administrator at Basin Electric.

Contracts and diapers keep Erickson on her toes these days, but life is good.

Erickson heard about the open position at Basin Electric through a friend. It sounded like a fantastic opportunity and she decided to go for it.

“It’s always been my goal to work for Basin Electric,” she says. “I grew up knowing what a great company it is.”

Just one of the many things that makes Basin Electric great is the people. Co-workers are often eager to hear about how Erickson’s little girl is doing, and her response is simple.

“She’s the light of our life,” Erickson says with a smile.

Basin Electric recognizes the importance of family. It’s why people like Erickson express interest in building a career at the cooperative.

Erickson also loves living in Bismarck, ND, because it’s a great community to raise a family.

Her husband, Craig Erickson, works for Basin Electric subsidiary Dakota Gasification Company, and Erickson’s father, Ken Geiger, was a Basin Electric employee for 30 years.

“The culture at Basin Electric has been great,” she says. “Everyone is so helpful. I can walk up and down the hall and ask anyone a question, and they’re always willing to stop what they’re doing and help out.”

Erickson appreciates the continuous learning opportunities and the benefits.

“The pay and benefits are the best I’ve seen around here,” she says.

The cooperative also believes in supporting its communities, which Erickson admires. She recently witnessed employees’ generosity during United Way’s 2015 Day of Caring.

Without a doubt, Erickson is excited to work for a company that cares for its employees, as well as the communities they live in and serve.

“Basin Electric is just a friendly place,” she says.

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