Co-op professionals from across the country get the big picture at Basin Electric

Freedom Mine big tire

John Gates, husband of Jonie Gates, Hoosier Energy REC, Bloomington, IN, and director of member services at Johnson County REMC, Franklin, IN, checks out a coal loader tire at The Coteau Properties Company’s Freedom Mine, Beulah, ND. The tire is 11 feet high and costs about $85,000.

Basin Electric hosted the G&T (generation and transmission) Communicators’ summer meeting June 22-24, leading a tour of North Dakota’s Energy Trail one day, and facilitating their business meeting the following day and a half.

Speakers included Vern Dosch, National Information Solutions Cooperative CEO, and a discussion on the Environmental Protection Agency’s activities with Steve Tomac, Basin Electric senior legislative representative, and Mark Hayes, NRECA senior communications manager.

Read the full story in the July/August 2015 issue of Basin Today: Getting the big picture

Also, watch the videos below to hear from three of the visitors: Kathe Breheny, vice president of corporate communications at Central Iowa Power Cooperative; J.D. Wallace, social media and marketing administrator at Arizona’s G&T Cooperatives; and Chris Studer, communications and marketing manager at East River Electric Power Cooperative.

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