Basin Electric CEO Paul Sukut’s plan to empower employees

Basin Electric CEO Paul Sukut driving to engage and empower employees

Developing a plan for Basin Electric to meet member needs into the future is one thing.

Getting the entire cooperative’s workforce in sync with that plan is another.

For the plan to work, the workforce must be empowered, engaged and in sync. The end result is an efficiently run, fiscally responsible cooperative that is responsive to the membership it serves.

When Paul Sukut took the helm as Basin Electric’s fifth CEO and general manager, he had a full plate awaiting him. The membership was growing. Basin Electric was on the cusp of joining the Southwest Power Pool, a regional transmission organization. (That step alone represented the single largest shift in the way the cooperative has conducted business in Basin Electric’s history.) Add to that a transitioning workforce, skyrocketing growth in the Williston Basin and Dakota Gasification Company’s ever-diversifying Great Plains Synfuels Plant, which had plans for a urea processing plant that needed to be financed and constructed.

So, Sukut did what any good accountant would do. He analyzed the situation. He looked at resources. He assigned things to the proper columns. And, he ultimately made a plan – a measurable plan to accomplish all of this.

Read more about the plan in the July/August 2015 issue of Basin Today: Sukut driving to engage and empower employees

Also, watch Sukut talk about the cooperative way in this video in our Career Center.

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