Friends in power: West River sees larger co-op picture during tour

Joel Stephens

During a June 4 VIP member tour, Joel Stephens, West River Electric journeyman lineman, stops to look out the Antelope Valley Station observation deck near Beulah, ND.

As his white tour bus sits in front of The Coteau Properties Company office June 4, Tour Guide Daryl Hill raises a microphone and turns to the 30 West River Electric Cooperative employees seated behind him.

Daryl Hill

Daryl Hill, Basin Electric tour guide, walks West River Electric employees through the model room at Antelope Valley Station.

“As Paul Harvey used to say, ‘Stand by for news,’” Hill asserts over the vehicle’s intercom system.

Chuckles float throughout the isle as Hill grins, and the bus moves on to continue a tour of Basin Electric’s facilities. The Wall, SD-based cooperative group may have just met the comical tour guide, but they already like him.

“That tour guy’s awesome,” one man says from few seats back.

It’s day two of the tour, and the West River group is excited to be in Beulah, ND. For many of them, the previous day’s Headquarters tour is still fresh in mind. Watch the video.

Read the full version of Friends in Power: West River sees larger cooperative picture during facilities tour in the July-August 2015 issue of Basin Today.

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