Why Basin? Take up a new challenge at the cooperative

Riley Skager
Riley Skager is in his true element when he’s working under the hood of a car.

He says there’s a sense of pride in being able to fix vehicles himself, rather than take them to the shop.

“I have a passion for cars … my whole group of friends is into cars,” says Skager, Basin Electric office service technician.

Skager, who used to work in retail, decided to pursue a job in Basin Electric’s mailroom because it was something different – a new challenge.

Similar to the engine’s he tinkers with in his free time, Skager makes sure the mailed materials he works with at the Bismarck, ND, Headquarters building get the best care, and arrive to their recipients in a timely manner.

Make no mistake: It takes a while to figure out the workspace locations of more than 500 employees, but Skager’s been quick to learn the ropes.

As Skager reflects on the time that’s passed since he joined the cooperative this summer, there’s no doubt in his mind he made the right move.

Growing up, Skager listened to his mom and grandpa each talk about how much they loved their jobs at Basin Electric. When a position opened up for Skager, the stars aligned.

“I love my job,” he says. “It’s a great atmosphere where everyone helps each other. The benefits are great and the pay is amazing. It’s way better than any job I’ve had before.”

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