Why Basin? The cooperative family cares about you and yours

Amanda Schauer
Amanda Schauer’s ideal day involves taking her nieces and nephews out for a movie and shopping. Spending quality time with them is one of her absolute favorite things to do.

So when she moved a short distance away for a job in Bismarck, ND, it was bittersweet because it meant being away from the eight young ones, many of whom she helped raise.

But, everything has worked out for Schauer. Today she has a new job as an associate scheduler at Basin Electric, and she manages to get back home to the Aberdeen, SD, area to visit her little buddies.

Schauer has also met a cooperative family she never knew she’d have.

“At Basin Electric, if one person is struggling with something, other people jump in and help,” she says.

That’s the great thing about Basin Electric. The cooperative thrives on a supportive family culture.

When Schauer’s loved ones asked her to coordinate a family reunion not even a month after she was hired, Basin Electric allowed her to take a day to throw the event. Everyone starts off with vacation time when taking a job at the cooperative.

“A lot of jobs I’ve been at, you don’t receive paid time off for the first three months of working there,” she says. “Basin Electric is very flexible.”

Schauer not only appreciates the importance of family, she loves to contribute her skills to Basin Electric. She works on the cooperative’s trading floor, scheduling power trades to ensure proper energy flow throughout the electrical grid.

“You have to balance each day with a regional transmission organization balancing authority, making sure Basin Electric’s numbers match their numbers,” she says.

Schauer continues to grow in her job. She’s learned a lot since joining Basin Electric June 15 and thrives with her in-house training.

“I enjoy training. I’m weird in that way,” she chuckles.

Like so many others, Schauer has found a home at Basin Electric. Great culture, pay and benefits are found here, but it’s the power of people who bring true success and meaning to the cooperative.

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