Basin Electric employees help food co-op get closer to goal

The BisMan Community Food Co-op is days away from a big deadline.

The co-op needs to raise about $400,000 more in member loans and preferred equity by the end of July. Once the co-op meets that goal, it can proceed with a commercial loan and begin renovations on the new site, located in the former Snoopers Tons of Fun building in Bismarck, ND.

At least two Basin Electric employees have helped the food co-op get closer to its goal.

Ted Cash family

Ted Cash, Emily McKay and Flynn.

Ted Cash, vice president of Human Resources

“Emily and I feel strongly about doing all we can to support great community efforts. I love the idea of ‘local,’ friends and neighbors working to solve problems and fulfill a need. I also like the member control aspect of the co-op business model. If you have an issue, show up to a meeting and address it.

“What’s not to love about this co-op? Member controlled, community focused and by the way, the food will be awesome!”

Erin Huntimer family

Erin Huntimer and KayLee.

Erin Huntimer, project coordinations representative

“I supported the Bisman Food Co-op with a member loan because I believe in the co-op business model. I believe this community can support an outlet for local growers, like Jared and Jen Barnhart at Humble Cottage Farm. They’re pursuing a dream, and I want to see them succeed. I also believe I deserve more choice when it comes to feeding my family. A cooperative is well suited to make all of this happen, and more.

“I contemplated the member loan option for a while, but decided to follow my heart. No, it’s not easy. But nothing worthwhile ever is.”

Basin Electric pays $50 toward memberships for employees (Option 3).

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