Basin Electric employee on becoming a food co-op member

Sarah Feist is an administrative assistant II, working at our Leland Olds Station near Stanton, ND. Last year, we featured Feist’s work to get more fit: Employees get Energized: Sarah Feist.

A month ago, Feist became a member of the BisMan Community Food Co-op. Basin Electric gives $50 toward the $200 lifetime membership for employees.

Feist is a regular blogger on fitness and food, and wrote a post on why she decided to become a co-op member.

“The BisMan Community Food Co-op is a start-up food cooperative being created by the community for the community. If you want a food co-op in your community, your involvement is necessary,” Feist writes. “Please at least look into BisMan Community Food Co-op and consider being a member. Giving our community more food options (especially healthy) is beneficial to us all. I definitely won’t stop making my trips to Krause’s or even Sam’s Club, but I can’t wait to shop at the Food Co-op when it opens!”

Read her post at Feisty Eats: BisMan Food Co-op

Sarah Feist

Sarah Feist, Leland Olds Station administrative assistant II, also writes for Be Magazine, a locally written magazine in Bismarck, ND.

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