Why Basin? Challenge yourself, build your future

Alycia Kramer
The moment Alycia Kramer kneels down to tie her shoes before a long-distance run, she knows she’s going to complete it.

Quitting isn’t an option for this Lidgerwood, ND, native. Her perseverance paid off when she completed the Fargo (ND) Marathon May 9.

“I think I just wanted to run the Fargo Marathon for the challenge,” Kramer says. “I definitely enjoyed it.”

That’s what Kramer is all about: making goals and following through with them. She never used to enjoy running as a child, but gained interest in the activity after graduating from University of Mary in Bismarck, ND.

Kramer has that same drive when it comes to challenging herself in the workplace. It’s why Basin Electric thought she would be the perfect fit as a real time trader I, a position she started June 22.

She heard about the job through a friend. After finding out more details online, she decided to go for it.

“The job at Basin Electric seemed like it would be a good opportunity to challenge myself and take my career another step further,” Kramer says.

She’s in a lot of training at the start of her journey at the cooperative. Much of her study material involves Basin Electric’s preparation to join Southwest Power Pool.

“I like learning new things,” she says. “I’ve always learned new things quickly.”

Kramer is also excited to be part of a professional group of people who share strong camaraderie. The trading floor at Basin Electric Headquarters in Bismarck is designed with an open-floor setup for a reason.

“There’s a lot of teamwork, and it’s a very helpful and fun environment,” Kramer says. She also looks forward to taking part in the regular co-worker get-togethers outside the office.

Kramer has found a home at Basin Electric. Similar to when she runs, her path ahead at the cooperative is limitless. “I’m building something here,” she says with a smile.

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