Basin Electric donates pickup trucks to Wilton Fire Protection District

New trucks

Basin Electric donated three Ford F-450 trucks to the Wilton Fire Protection District in April.

J.D. YoungBird’s been putting out fires for a long time – since 1986, to be exact.

It was back then when he first answered the call to protect those around him. He started his volunteer fire career with the Minot Rural Fire Department, eventually making his way to the Wilton (ND) Fire Protection District (WFPD), where he’s served as fire chief for 20 years.

There are nearly 40 members on YoungBird’s crew. Whether it’s a medical assist or fires in fields, residences, or prairies, they’re on the scene to help those in need.

From Wilton to Washburn, ND, extending to New Johns Lake and Wing, ND – these folks sacrifice their time and strength by working together to keep surrounding communities safe.

It’s a mission Basin Electric respects, which is why the cooperative donated three used Ford F-450 trucks to the fire district in April.

“To get pickups like this is just fantastic for us, and it just makes things easier,” YoungBird says. “We really do appreciate it.”

He adds the fire district has been in great need of newer vehicles. Their current pickups are from the late ‘70s.

One of the new trucks will be used to carry rescue equipment, another will serve as a prairie fire truck, and the third will be a quick-response unit.

The plain-white vehicles might not seem like much now, but make no mistake – they represent the future of the WFPD.

Some of the volunteer firefighters are great mechanics, YoungBird says, and they are currently tuning up the donated trucks’ engines. He also says Bismarck State College students will soon help the crew paint the trucks before they’re put into service.

Basin Electric takes pride in supporting surrounding communities, as well as promoting safety. With a few updated trucks, the heroes at the WFPD will no doubt continue to thrive.

Keep following Basin Electric’s blog to see the trucks’ upcoming transformation!

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