Little girl with a role model at Basin Electric

Kim Kranz, Basin Electric program communications coordinator II, meets a lot of children. She runs Basin Electric’s Story Behind the Switch, an educational program to teach kids how to stay safe around electricity.

Tatyana Rohrer

Tatyana Rohrer.

In May, one little girl stood out from the rest.

Kranz was doing her demonstration at a school in Sun River Electric Cooperative‘s area.

After the presentation, the girl came up to Kranz and asked Kranz if she knew her grandma.

“When I asked who her grandma was, she was just beaming from ear to ear when she burst out Roberta (Rohrer)‘s name that ‘she’s on the board of that place where you work – Basin Electric!’,” Kranz says.

“Maybe you had to be there, but it was really heartwarming how obviously proud of her (Rohrer) she was, and what an impact Roberta has obviously made on her granddaughter by serving on Basin Electric’s board.”

In the July/August 2015 edition of Basin Today, we will have a story focused on Roberta Rohrer and her time serving cooperatives.

Rohrer family

Roberta and Arnold Rohrer with grandchildren Tatyana and Phillip.


  1. Michelle Wiedrich says:

    Great story!

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