Why Basin? This family-oriented employer wants to welcome you

Tom Senger

Thomas Senger can tear up the slopes on his snowboard, and hit the waves for an afternoon of kneeboarding. But dancing just isn’t his cup of tea.

“I’m horrible at dancing,” Senger says, as he recalls he and his wife’s first dance during their October wedding.

Senger’s wife, however, is an excellent dancer. They met during their high school days in Mandan, ND, when she was part of the dance team.

Though Senger isn’t light on his feet, she is still his No. 1 fan. Naturally, she encouraged him to go with his gut when a Basin Electric employee suggested Senger apply for a job at the cooperative.

“I used to have a great uncle who loved working for Basin Electric, and he worked here for over 30 years,” Senger says.

On June 1, Senger started working as a Basin Electric rate and revenue analyst I in Bismarck, ND. He fit in from the get-go.

It doesn’t take long to make friends after taking a cooperative job. Senger immediately met an office neighbor who also enjoys snowboarding, and fellow co-workers invited him out to their regular Friday lunch outings.

“I haven’t seen this culture at any other job I’ve been at,” Senger says. He recalls his former workplaces that only cared about profits.

Senger has never worked for a workplace that cares about safety as much as Basin Electric. It also didn’t take long for him to realize how much the cooperative promotes continued education for its employees.

“I like that Basin Electric strongly encourages going back to school,” he says. It’s an option available to all employees, and one Senger is considering. He already has a semester of MBA courses under his belt.

For the time being, Senger is focusing his attention on learning the ins and outs of the cooperative. He and his department are working on Basin Electric’s conversion to Southwest Power Pool, one of the cooperative’s largest current objectives.

Senger spends his days drafting budgets and projecting future electricity load growth. He attained much of his skill set from his local alma mater.

He earned his liberal arts degree from Bismarck State College, as well as business administration and accounting degrees from University of Mary.

Not only does Senger enjoy his work, but he loves living in Bismarck. It’s a beautiful community where he’s close to fun local amenities and his family.

Senger’s family has undoubtedly grown since joining Basin Electric.

“Everyone immediately took me under their wing,” he says.

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