Why Basin? Work with an encouraging cooperative family

Kurt Capouch
It’s the start of Wellness Week at Basin Electric Headquarters, and Kurt Capouch leans forward in his fifth-floor office chair to share some words of wisdom.

“Never run a half marathon without training,” he laughs.

All the office talk of thinking healthy for the week has reminded Capouch of the recent Black Hills race he ran with his family. He hadn’t had much time to train in the months leading up to the half marathon, but thanks to encouragement from his own, he finished.

That’s the beautiful thing about a strong family – they support one another in every activity. Whether it’s shooting hoops with his son or bike riding with his grandkids, Capouch is constantly on his toes, staying active.

It’s no surprise the newly hired multimedia specialist II feels the same way about his Basin Electric family. At the cooperative, everyone offers encouragement in a positive atmosphere, and co-workers constantly grow together as a team.

Capouch loves that Basin Electric is a place where people can mentor one another. Everyone brings unique expertise to the table to serve the cooperative’s members.

“You always try to give your membership more than what they ask for, if you can,” he says. “Everybody I’ve met just seems to appreciate everything I do. That’s the culture that I like.”

Folks who attended Verendrye Electric Cooperative’s recent annual meeting were especially thankful for the stage lighting improvements Capouch and his co-workers suggested. The new hire is quick to credit his colleagues for their expertise.

“I’ve learned a lot from the people at Basin Electric,” he says.

When it comes to providing professional video and audio support for live cooperative events, Capouch is in his element. His transition into Basin Electric has been smooth, considering he’s done freelance work for the cooperative in the past.

Before being hired at Basin Electric in early June, Capouch owned and operated Proclips, an audio-video event support business in Bismarck, ND, for 14 years. After selling the business, he spent a year with Media Productions, based out of Fargo, ND.

Eventually, his dream job popped up at Basin Electric.

“I always thought, if there would be an opportunity at Basin Electric, I would give it a shot,” he says. “It’s the type of work I like to do, and everybody’s extremely friendly.”

Capouch is a big fan of the cooperative business model. His cooperative roots reach back to his childhood in Pisek, ND.

“My parents were always part of the telephone co-op,” he says.

Capouch and his wife, Lori, are also excited to have recently become members of the local Bisman Community Food Cooperative.

That’s what cooperatives are all about – the power of people and communities coming together. It’s a proven way of life Capouch is excited to continue.

“I’m proud of my roots, I’m proud of my family and I’m proud of where I work. I really am,” he says.

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