Why Basin? A love for family and community

Shannon Julson

Shannon Julson is a guy who spends a large part of his spare time chauffeuring his kids around to different activities. Needless to say, life can get a little crazy.

“I’ve got basketball practice for one of my kids today, then a choir concert immediately after,” he says. “To have flexibility from Basin Electric to do those things with my kids is very helpful.”

That’s one of the first things Julson noticed when he took on the role as manager of contracts April 13 – the cooperative is one big family, and therefore believes family always comes first.

Whether it’s doctor’s appointments or extracurricular activities for kids, the cooperative is understanding when the duties of everyday life call. It helps Basin Electric has a culture where employees support one another.

Co-workers have been very welcoming to Julson, and he looks forward to seeing them when he goes to work.

“You get up Monday morning and realize you have five days of work, but I’m excited to go to Basin and work with people because they’re all really good people,” he says.

Commitment to community

Folks at Basin Electric are not only supportive in nature, but they believe in benefiting surrounding communities.

Julson especially likes Jeans Day, a day where, in return for donating a dollar to a designated local charity, employees are allowed to wear jeans to work. He also likes that the cooperative holds regular blood drives at its Headquarters in Bismarck, ND.

“They have a department that is tailored specifically to working within the community. How many places do you see do that?” he says.

Julson also enjoys Basin Electric’s benefits package, which includes a pension plan. He also appreciates side benefits, such as having access to a staffed doctor for regular check-ups and blood screenings.

Love the work you do!

Then, of course, there’s the love of the job. Basin Electric wants folks to enjoy and take pride in the work they do.

Julson is a mechanical engineer by trade. Before arriving at the cooperative, he worked at Bobcat in Bismarck for 11 years. Before that he worked in project management for another company.

Today, Julson manages a contracting team at Basin Electric. The cooperative valued his work history and knew he was the man for the job.

“Being a mechanical engineer working on a process, you always want to make things easier and better,” he says. “You have to get a team of people to buy into that.”

Simplification is helpful when you’re managing 16 people with roughly 500 contracts on you plate.

“We write hundreds and hundreds of contracts a year, so we’re pretty busy,” Julson says. But he and his team are up for the challenge.

Julson attended University of North Dakota, earning his bachelor’s in industrial technology, and later earning his master’s. He is originally from Parshall, ND.

Keep on learning

Not only is Basin Electric the home of family values and community giving, but it’s a place where constant learning is available to everyone. Continued education courses are offered regularly, and learning naturally takes place through everyday responsibilities and interactions.

“Every day is different, and every day is a learning experience,” he says. “There are so many different types of projects going on at Basin Electric.”

And while starting any new job can be stressful, the folks at Basin Electric are happy to help newcomers.

“If I have questions, people are more than willing to answer them,” Julson says.

Julson is proud to have accepted a job at the cooperative. It’s a decision that opened a door to community giving, support and a caring cooperative family.

“It makes a person proud to work at Basin Electric,” he says.

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