Building to serve the next generation of cooperative members

It’s an exciting time at Basin Electric. The co-op is experiencing member growth across the system, an upcoming integration with the Southwest Power Pool and a changing workforce.

Artist rendering of the proposed expansion to the west side of Basin Electric’s Headquarters building.


Support of this growth requires not only additional generation and transmission, but also new resources and employees to better meet the members’ needs. The amount of space at Headquarters is maxed out. Currently, Basin Electric has more than 550 employees in Bismarck spread out among four different locations.

Basin Electric’s board is taking a practical approach in addressing the need for more space at Headquarters. Recently, directors approved funds for Basin Electric to hire an architect to assess the existing building and determine expansion options. This due diligence process has given the cooperative’s leadership a sense of what the space needs are and how to best address it.

“As we investigate our expansion options, our members can be assured we’re doing it so we can be responsive to their needs, while keeping costs in check,” Sukut says. “The overall result will be a further commitment to serve the next generation of cooperative members.”

Read the full story, “Building for the future” in the March-April 2015 issue of Basin Today.

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