A day in the life of Basin Electric Director Allen Thiessen

Allen Thiessen, being interviewed.

Allen Thiessen, Basin Electric director for District 8.

If you want a glimpse into the heart of the cooperative philosophy, hop into Allen and Sue Thiessen’s pickup truck, and ride through Lambert, MT.

Start at their home, just off the main drag. Turn right and see Thiessen and his business partner’s auto repair business, Town & Country Repair. Across the street, the fire and ambulance station. Look a little further, and you’ll find The Lion’s Den, once a teen center and now a not-for-profit lunchtime diner.

Or maybe it’s not their pickup truck you’re taking. The town of about 150 residents has a school with about 130 kids. Get on the school bus, and ride along. For 38 years, the Thiessen’s have been driving the bus routes, before and after school, and to sporting events. Some of the kids live up to an hour away from Lambert. Students even come to school here from Sidney, MT.

These Lambert landmarks and amenities address concern for community and cooperation; they help facilitate independence and education. Allen Thiessen was a volunteer fireman and helped bring the ambulance to town during his time on the Foundation for Community Care board, and he is a founding board member of the Lion’s Den.

You’re rolling down streets the Thiessen’s care about deeply. It shows in the way they talk about town, and in their actions.

Allen and Sue Thiessen.

Allen and Sue Thiessen.

Allen Thiessen, running Lower Yellowstone Rural Electric Association’s board meeting.

Thiessen serves as president at Lower Yellowstone Rural Electric Association, a Basin Electric Class C member.

Read more about Allen Thiessen and his co-op way of life in the March/April 2015 issue of Basin Today: A day in the life of Director Allen Thiessen

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