North Dakota students engage, connect during tour

When students from Watford City (ND) High School visited the Freedom Mine and Antelope Valley Station last month, they were instructed to do something they wouldn’t normally do in the classroom setting. The students were encouraged to take out their cell phones during the tours and put them to use, as part of a social media photo challenge, organized by Mckenzie Electric Cooperative member services coordinator, Brooke Solberg. “It can get to be a long day of touring, filled with lots of information, so I was looking for a way to get the students more involved to keep their interest. This seemed like a good way to inspire some friendly competition, while encouraging them to be actively listening during the tours,” Solberg says.

Several students (and even a few chaperones) took part in the challenge by taking photos during the tours, captioning them with an interesting fact they learned about the facility or its operations, and posting it to Mckenzie Electric’s Facebook page. See a few of the posts below. The student post that generated the most “likes” or “shares” won a prize with goodies from Mckenzie Electric and Basin Electric.

Solberg says the challenge did more than just engage the students, it helped them connect to their co-op, too. “It was exciting to see our members not only get more familiar with our Facebook page, but also be active on it,” Solberg says.

Solberg plans to do the social media photo challenge for future tours and will also be sharing the idea with other electric co-ops.

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