Why Basin? Employees quickly catch on to the cooperative way


Employees catch on quickly

Lori Frisk-Thompson has a pretty impressive resume. It’s also filled with a lot of acronyms.

Before joining Basin Electric a little more than a month ago, Frisk-Thompson had worked for an investor-owned utility (IOU), a regional transmission organization (RTO) and a municipal agency. She’s now an RTO market specialist II at the cooperative.

And the acronyms keep coming.

“Now that I’m at Basin, I have to keep learning new terms,” she chuckles.

Many new employees are often in the same boat. It seems Basin Electric is a cooperative built on endless acronyms … but everyone catches on eventually.

A supportive cooperative workforce is key.

“Everyone at Basin Electric is so willing to help you. You just have to ask,” she says. “Everybody works together as a team.”

New employees often have other questions when they first start, as well. Who’s who? Who’s in charge of what?

Answers come fairly quickly, and it doesn’t take long for folks to feel at home here.

People have great things to say about Basin Electric

Of course, Frisk-Thompson knew the cooperative culture would be great going in. She did her research before applying, reading Basin Electric’s online publications and hearing the awesome things employees had to say about working here.

“There was an obvious theme,” she says. “Basin is focused on treating its employees like family.”

A culture of family truly exists throughout the entire cooperative. All employees are valued, and all employees can share their talents to better Basin Electric.

Your talents are needed here

Frisk-Thompson has a knack for representing Basin Electric at RTO meetings around the country and over the web. She monitors industry activity and deadlines, then channels that information to help the cooperative form proactive strategies for a healthy transmission future.

Right now, she mainly monitors Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO) and Southwest Power Pool (SPP) meetings – two acronyms she’s proud to add to her list.

Do the work you love

Frisk-Thompson may have only started working here a little more than a month ago, but she’s already traveled for work. One of her recent projects led her to Tulsa, OK, to attend SPP meetings.

This market specialist loves getting to travel for her job because it helps her learn new things.

“I like to try to anticipate what the RTOs are doing, as far as what information I need to bring back to the Basin staff so they can help determine strategies,” she says.

Benefits of working for the co-op

In her research of Basin Electric, Frisk-Thompson also saw how much the employees here love the cooperative’s benefits package. When she applied and heard about things like the amazing health benefits and awesome retirement plan, she saw why.

“The health benefits are six times better than what I’ve had,” she says.

But, the true cherry on top of this sundae is the camaraderie that exists at Basin Electric. Employees support one another and their communities, and there’s a clear atmosphere of happiness.

“Everyone’s focused on what’s best for Basin Electric and its members,” she says. “It’s a nice culture.”

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