A look at Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

It was Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day at Basin Electric April 30 and Dakota Gas April 29.

Parents who work at the cooperative were proud to welcome in some special young guests who enjoyed a full day of learning about where their parents work.

Employees and their kids check out Basin Electric's hangar April 30.

Employees and their kids check out Basin Electric’s hangar April 30.

Boarding plane

It was a beautiful day to get out and check out a Basin Electric plane.


Jenica Twete, daughter of Jeremy Twete, enterprise systems administrator I, learns about static electricity during a Story Behind the Switch presentation.

Story Behind the Switch

Ethan Gerving (left), son of Allan Gerving, senior enterprise applications architect, and Carter Krueger, son of Germain Krueger, UI/UX designer II, listen intently to hear the Story Behind the Switch.

Story Behind the Switch

Everyone enjoys a good story about where electricity comes from, including Cadance Fennewald and her mom, Stacy Fennewald, draftsperson III.

Kim Kranz

Kim Kranz, demonstration coordinator, tells the Story Behind the Switch to kids and their parents.


Jack, son of Mary Miller, manager of communications, holds up money used in a payroll demonstration by Jon Klein, payroll analyst III.


Chase Bandle (left), son of Aric Bandle, senior designer, and Mason Johnson, son of Trisha Johnson, commodity risk analyst, work with calculators during the payroll presentation.


(From left): Kristian Roth, Steven Baardson, Brett Baardson and Vern Fetch explore the Dakota Gas machine shop April 29.


Curt Sailer and his son, Camden, work with computers in Dakota Gas’ Process Operations department April 29.

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