Playing it safe: Employees on safety at work, home

Our Power, My Safety
We live in a world rife with hazards. It seems potential danger lurks around every corner.

Loose cords wrap around the tips of our shoes; ladders rest on unsteady footing; clear ice waits for us to slip. The threats are endless.

That’s why it’s up to all of us to keep one another accountable by being safety-conscious.

At Basin Electric, this is done through cooperative education programs like “Our Power, My Safety,” an effort geared toward building a safety culture where managers and supervisors are visibly committed, involved and performance-focused; employees are actively participating; and the system is flexible and perceived in a positive light.

Recently, four “Our Power, My Safety” team members took part in separate Q&A sessions to share their thoughts on safety issues. The feedback paints a clear picture of their own safety values, as well as those of the cooperative family they serve.

Read the full story, Playing it safe: Employees on safety at work, home, in the March-April 2015 issue of Basin Today.

Also, watch the video below, shown during Basin Electric’s 2014 Annual Meeting.

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