Transmission Department celebrates “Non-Engineers Week”

Non Engineers Week IMG_3428

(from l to r): Vicki Wetzel, Deb Salmonson, Jeremy Severson, and Kimberly Badenhop. Severson (with his wife’s help, he says) decorated the “Non-Engineers'” offices to show them their appreciation. “They always bring a bright and happy attitude around. We hoped the bright colors and decorations would show them our thankfulness,” Severson says.

One engineering department at Basin Electric dubbed this week as “Non-Engineers Week” to thank and celebrate the three “non-engineers” among their group, including Vicki Wetzel, senior administrative assistant; Deb Salmonson, tariff administrator; and Kimberly Badenhop, project coordinator.

Non Engineers Week

“Non Engineers Week” poster

“They always do something to celebrate National Engineers Week for us, so we thought it was time we show them how much we appreciate them,” Mike Kraft, senior compliance engineer, says. “We can’t do what we do without them.”

The non-engineers were surprised Monday morning to decorated offices in either a purple, pink, or yellow color scheme. Balloons, streamers, banners, and even matching flowers were also a part of the décor.

“I’ve worked with these engineers for 30 years and they are the absolute best coworkers. We were not expecting this at all, but they brightened up the place and brought big smiles to our faces,” Wetzel says.

An email was sent out to the Transmission Department notifying others of the week’s celebration.

Hear ye, hear ye…whereas we have certain non-engineers (Vicki, Deb and Kim) in our midst whom we value and respect; and whereas, the week of April 20-24, 2015 has been arbitrarily and capriciously selected to celebrate such, let us resolve to celebrate Non-Engineers Week accordingly.

4/20  Monday Non-Engineer Interview Day

4/21  Tuesday Non-Engineer “Thank You Day”

4/22  Wednesday Breakfast Vittles and Non-Engineer Quiz Day

4/23  Thursday Noon Vittles and Non-Engineer Award Ceremony

4/24  Friday – celebration over

Non Engineers Week

Salmonson’s yellow decorated office.

Non Engineers Week

Badenhop’s pink decorated office.

Non Engineers Week

Wetzel’s purple decorated office.


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