Basin Electric employees share their Boston Marathon experience

Miles Traiser

Miles Traiser, Basin Electric real time trader I.

They say “Nobody runs like Boston.” Despite the wind and heavy rain during the 119th running of the Boston Marathon, two Basin Electric employees have to agree.

Miles Traiser, Basin Electric real time trader I, and Lynn Beiswanger, Basin Electric Transmission System Maintenance senior safety coordinator, ran the race April 20.

Traiser ran a time of 2:45:30, which earned him 535th place out of about 30,000 total runners, and 463rd in his age group (Male 18-39). Traiser started running seriously about three years ago, and the race was his fourth marathon.

“It was good. Except for the wind and rain, the temperature was good,” Traiser says. “It was an amazing experience. Just that atmosphere and how many people were running, it was phenomenal.”

Beiswanger ran the race in 3:31:11, which earned him 76th place in his Male 60-64 division. It was his 14th time running the Boston Marathon.

“I didn’t mind the wind, rain and cold – but I don’t do well with squishy shoes. It was just a distraction though, and nothing to keep you from keeping going.”

Beiswanger says it’s hard not to stay upbeat during the race while surrounded by inspiration, including a 2013 Boston Marathon bombing survivor who was racing on crutches.

Lynn Beiswanger

Lynn Beiswanger, Basin Electric senior safety coordinator.

“I’m thinking that whatever little aches and pains I’m feeling are nothing compared to what his armpits must be feeling after 26.2 miles on crutches,” he says. “It’s just so easy to look around and draw inspiration from those you’re running with. That’s the beauty of being involved with the race.”

Both runners talked about the support Boston gives to the runners and the event, which is the oldest annual marathon in the world. Miles’ mother, Shanda, Basin Electric director of strategic planning, was even there to hand Miles Traiser water at mile 19.

“There’s no place along the course where you’re not cheered on,” Beiswanger says.

Here are some tweets leading up to and on the day of the race.

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