Why Basin? Use your interests to benefit the cooperative

Brady Spooner

If Basin Electric needs a map, Brady Spooner can make it happen.

Spooner, GIS technician I, started working for the cooperative two months ago, and he already feels right at home. “There are a lot of really nice people at Basin Electric,” Spooner says. “I feel like I’ve been here a long time already.”

For Spooner, becoming a geographic information system (GIS) expert started with a high school fascination. He loved working with digital maps.

Whether it was exploring the earth with Google Maps, or configuring a GPS on one of his hunting trips, he’s always had a knack for geographic data entry.

Now Spooner gets to use his interests to benefit the cooperative, which in turn benefits its members and communities. If there’s a transmission line going up or a piece of land that was recently purchased, he can map it.

What’s more is Spooner can take data spreadsheets and convert them to printed maps. It’s an art that leads to accuracy, and fulfills a need in nearly every department at Basin Electric. “There’s always someone who needs a map,” he says. “GIS is a technology that’s being used all the time.”

Become a subject matter expert

Spooner used career-search smartphone applications to track down his gig at Basin Electric. After scrolling through the job description, he knew Basin Electric was where he wanted to be.

All in all, Spooner enjoys keeping busy and helping people solve problems.

“People are always asking me questions, and it’s fun to explain things to them,” he says. “I like to be able to provide them with tons of visual information in a matter of seconds.”

Grow your skills

Spooner earned his Geographic Information Systems Certification from Bismarck State College. He loves having ended up at Basin Electric because it’s a place where he can take on new challenges to grow his skills.

Basin Electric is also a place that fuels creative innovation, and employee ideas and initiatives are what lead to the cooperative’s success. “I like being independent with maps and data,” Spooner says. He also appreciates that his supervisors and co-workers trust his instincts and expertise.

Spooner especially appreciates how the cooperative shows care through numerous employee health and rewards programs. He also likes how the cooperative offers generous sick and vacation days, as well as an awesome retirement plan.

There’s no doubt, this is the place to work. Spooner can attest to that.

“Every person I talk to outside the cooperative knows Basin is a great place to work,” he says.

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