Throwback Thursday: Extra fast look at a 2005 power plant outage

The turbine bay at Antelope Valley Station is know for its very tidy maintenance and appearance.

The Antelope Valley Station turbine bay is noted for its spic-and-span maintenance. Here is what the area looks like during normal operation

In 2005, the employees at Antelope Valley Station set up a camera to catch a time-lapse of the turbine teardown during an outage that year at their power plant. Since then, the video has been stored on a DVD. We decided to upload it to YouTube, so everyone can get a glimpse of what goes on during those first couple of weeks.

Chad Edwards, Antelope Valley Station plant manager, gave us this simple timeline to explain what’s going on in the video.

LP (Low Pressure)
IP (Intermediate Pressure)
HP (High Pressure)

Here is what you’re seeing:
00:35 Removed doghouse
00:36-00:54 Setting up scaffolding
1:01 Removing Crossover pipe from IP turbine to LP B Turbine section
1:11 Removing Crossover pipe from IP turbine to LP A turbine section
1:34 Removing LP B turbine hood
1:44 Removing LP A turbine hood
1:50 Removing HP/IP hood
2:02 Removing HP/IP Inner case
2:04 Removing LP B inner case
2:10 Removing LP A inner case
2:21 Setting LP A hood over opening


  1. Interesting use of throwback thursday! It’s definitely interesting to see all the work that has to be done through this process. I for one was very interested in that video!

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