Co-ops support cancer treatment facility in Marshall, MN

Lyon-Lincoln Electric Coop - Avera McKenna donation

Tim O’Leary (left) with Lyon-Lincoln Electric Co-op in Tyler, MN, recently presented Gordon Crow with Avera Foundation in Marshall, MN, a check to support the proposed Avera Cancer Institute Marshall in Marshall, MN.

According to The American Cancer Society, the southwest region of Minnesota is at the top of the list in the state for breast cancer mortality, and among the highest mortality rates for prostate and colon/rectal cancer, and tops for cervical cancer incidence rates. In that area, partially served by Lyon-Lincoln Electric Cooperative, patients have to make a nearly four-hour round-trip drive daily to get radiation treatments.

That’s why Lyon-Lincoln Electric was one of the first to support Avera Cancer Institute Marshall when it was first proposed.

“The co-op was very supportive because we knew it was something needed in the area. Before the Avera Cancer Institute, patients didn’t have a local medical facility to go to for treatments,” Tim O’Leary, general manager of Lyon-Lincoln Electric, says. “Since Marshall, MN, is centrally located between the other cancer treatment facilities, we thought it was a perfect fit.”

Lyon-Lincoln Electric pledged $25,000, and East River Electric Power Cooperative, a Basin Electric Class A member headquartered in Madison, SD, and Basin Electric each added $12,500.

This cancer treatment facility will serve an eight-county area and is expected to treat more than 300 patients per year for radiation alone, and many more with chemotherapy.

O’Leary notes the Avera Cancer Institute has been well received throughout the area. “The support in the area has been very high, just based upon the donations received off the bat,” O’Leary says. “It was a quick turnaround from the time of announcing the proposed project to it recently opening its doors.”

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