Why Basin? A co-op job is good news

Jackie Stromme
People love working for Basin Electric!

Jackie Stromme will be the first to tell you a career at Basin Electric is life-changing.

Stromme, who started working at Basin Electric Headquarters in Bismarck, ND, last summer, takes pride in working with applicants during the hiring process. She not only loves her cooperative job; she also enjoys telling folks they’ve earned one.

“People are so grateful when you call and say, ‘We have good news for you,’” Stromme says. “Basin Electric is a place with such a great reputation, and it’s totally rewarding to work here.”

Before starting at Basin Electric, Stromme had heard about her current position from a friend who works at the cooperative. After hearing about such things as the family-friendly culture and top-notch benefits that exist here, she knew it was the job for her.

A great place for professional growth

Stromme fits well in her position because, like others at the cooperative, she’s been through the hiring process and knows what strengths Basin Electric looks for.

She also says her responsibilities involve job advertising and college visits, through which she and her associates aim to not only review resumes, but offer tips, mock interviews and cooperative facts to a variety of eager applicants.

Even if someone doesn’t get the job they were hoping for the first time around, Stromme is quick to offer advice on how to succeed in the future. Others at the cooperative have helped her grow professionally, and she works to do the same.

“Everyone’s so helpful around Basin,” she says. “The managers I work with are so appreciative of the work you do for them. It’s always nice when they say you’ve done a great job.”

Employees come from multiple career backgrounds

Many employees at Basin Electric didn’t start in the energy industry. Before joining the cooperative, Stromme worked the medical side of human resources.

“The world of energy is a lot different than where I was, but it’s been a really fun and interesting change,” she says. “Many people can settle in and be happy here for many years.”


  1. Ellen Holt says:

    Human Resources is lucky to have Jackie on our team!

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