Why Basin? Your chance to do great things

Kerry Kaseman
Be part of something big

As someone who likes baseball, Kerry Kaseman feels he hit the ball out of the park when he accepted a job at Basin Electric.

The manager of commodity risk joined the cooperative in January, and he’s been on his toes ever since. After all, there’s a lot that comes with overseeing commodity risk.

“Every day is a little different,” Kaseman says. “But there’s a lot of correspondence within the building regarding transactions and developing hedge plans.”

Kaseman’s team monitors credit exposure with counterparties Basin Electric’s asset management group works with. They also contract with those parties and monitor transactions, making sure confirmations are properly executed.

Advance your career at Basin Electric

In 1996, Kaseman graduated from North Dakota State University with an accounting degree. After graduating, he worked at a power company for 18 years – until he spotted a stellar career opportunity at Basin Electric.

“I was looking for advancement opportunities, and Basin Electric seemed like a challenge I would enjoy,” he says.

With his strong background in electric operations, Kaseman has especially enjoyed learning about the operations of Dakota GasGreat Plains Synfuels Plant.

“I’ve really enjoyed learning how that plant works, from production to transportation,” he says.

Kaseman loves his work because he’s involved with big projects. Right now, his schedule is largely focused around Southwest Power Pool (SPP), a regional transmission organization the cooperative’s board of directors approved joining July 16, 2014.

“We’re integrating into SPP, so my group gets together with the structure group a couple times a week,” he says.

In addition to meetings, Kaseman’s job also involves working with various vendors and consultants. It’s an exciting change of pace for him. “There’s a lot going on at Basin Electric,” he says.

The cooperative has a strong future

Another thing Kaseman likes about Basin Electric is the cooperative sees the bigger picture. When decisions are made, the future of the cooperative’s members is always the number one focus.

He also says the cooperative has amazing benefits. “In comparison to my prior employment, the benefits at Basin Electric are as good or better, from compensation, to retirement, to health insurance,” Kaseman says. “Basin Electric also has a department dedicated to training, which helps get work done more efficiently.”

Kaseman is thrilled he found a great cooperative job. It’s a career he’s honored to have. “There’s certainly a lot of opportunity here,” he says.

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