Brave the Shave honorees: Video shoot behind the scenes

When Jen Holen, Basin Electric event planner and charitable giving coordinator, and Greg DeSaye, Basin Electric multimedia specialist II, set out to capture the video and stories of Brave the Shave honorees and their familes this year, they had a plan, of course.

But what they came back with, in both video footage and memories, went far beyond expectations.

We’ve been sharing these videos here on Live Wire. You can also see them at the official Brave the Shave website,

Here’s a little behind of the scenes from two of the shoots.

Honoree Patton Douglas’ sister, Lille:

Jen Holen: “Lille blew us away with her interview. She patiently watched her mom’s interview. When her mom was done she asked if she could talk.

Just out of courtesy, for a little giddy girl, we said ‘Sure,’ not ever expecting we would use the footage. We were totally wrong!

By the end of her video, Greg and I were in tears. Greg said it was the first time he had cried while he was shooting video.”

Honoree Jasmine (Jazzy) Anderson:

Greg DeSaye: “Here is a photo of my tea party with Jazzy. When Jazzy offers you a cup of tea, you accept! This was another first for me.”

Tea with Jazzy - Brave the Shave

Greg DeSaye and Jasmine Anderson share a cup of tea.

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