Honoree Mia Thinnes’ aunt will Brave the Shave

St Baldrick's Mia Thinnes 2011

Mia Thinnes in 2011.

Can you imagine learning your sweet little niece has a brain tumor?

Until it’s happened to you, you can’t understand the hurt. Mia Thinnes was a first-grader when she became a Brave the Shave honoree in 2011.

Today, Mia is still battling cancer. While she was in remission for some time, cancer came back, this time in her thyroid. Her aunt Susie Peterka has seen everything she’s been through, and decided it was her time to lose her own hair.

She certainly has enough hair to cut it at the Brave the Shave event so it can be used for wigs, but she’s going a step further. Watch the video and help Susie go way beyond her Brave the Shave goal.

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