Learn how one cooperative was formed, through a TEDx in Minot

Last year, Angie Oberg spoke at a TEDx event in Minot, ND. TEDx events are locally organized events, produced independently of TED Conferences, but given general guidance by TED Conferences (x = independently organized).

Oberg is the chair of the board for the BisMan Community Food Co-op. She lays out the reasons why enough people in the area have found a need for a “real” grocery store that’s owned by members of the community.

At about seven minutes in, she describes how a cooperative can fill that need.

Co-op Coffee in the Garden

Heidi Demars set up shop near Basin’s Backyard Garden last summer to answer questions about the food co-op. Demars is the co-op’s outreach coordinator.

At about ten minutes in, Oberg mentions the support power cooperatives like Basin Electric have given the food co-op. “We’ve received great support from our reputable power co-ops. This support actually inspires other businesses to support the co-op as well,” she says.

Learn more about how Basin Electric has supported the food co-op:

Basin Electric employees can become members of the BisMan Community Food Co-op for $150, a $50 discount. Just choose Option 3 on the co-op’s website: Become a member

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