A day in the life of Senior Land Surveyor Matt Weeks

Matt Weeks

Matt Weeks

Light snow falls from the morning darkness Dec. 16, as Matt Weeks pulls up to a gas pump in Mandan, ND. A couple hours of road time lie between him and his destination, and it’s time to fill up.

The Basin Electric senior land surveyor is traveling from the cooperative’s Headquarters in Bismarck, ND, to meet with land representatives north of Grassy Butte, ND.

This particular meeting won’t take place in a conference room – or an office building, for that matter. It takes place in the field.

The meeting involves Basin Electric’s 345-kilovolt Antelope Valley Station to Neset Transmission Project, which was approved by the North Dakota Public Service Commission in April 2014. It received the last required federal approval to begin project work in September 2014.

Since then, Weeks has been on his toes, working with Basin Electric’s project team, contractors and outside parties by providing survey files for various archaeological and biological survey teams that evaluate proposed line access routes, which are ultimately approved by individual landowners.

Read the full story, A day in the life of Senior Land Surveyor Matt Weeks, in the January-February issue of Basin Today.

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