Stay Basin: You make a difference here

Brad Thompson
Continue to be amazed by the work that’s done here

After working nearly 34 years at Basin Electric’s Laramie River Station, Brad Thompson is still amazed by the process of which electricity is generated.

“Like a lot of people, I always expect the lights to come on at the flick of a switch,” says Thompson, plant superintendent. “I was just fascinated by how this plant makes that happen. I still am.”

Build a successful career

Save for a few technological and control system changes, Thompson says much of the plant remains in its original design. He knows … because he helped build it.

After Laramie River was completed, Basin Electric hired Thompson as a laborer. Over the years, he built a wonderful career with the cooperative.

Why is Basin Electric a great place to stay? Because you truly make a difference with your work, Thompson says.

“Every day you’re impacting peoples’ lives, as well as the security of the country,” he says. “How the Basin Electric family can work collaboratively together to make all of this succeed is one of the neatest things.”

Be part of a caring cooperative family

Ultimately, through the strong family atmosphere at Basin Electric, Thompson has learned cooperative values that revolve around providing your talents to help those at the end of the line – our valued members.

“What’s unique is most of us are our own customers, so that brings things close to home,” he says. “We’re all in this together.”

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