Stay Basin: The cooperative values your years of experience

Greg Masie

When Greg Masie first joined Basin Electric‘s Laramie River Station 35 years ago, plant operations looked a little different.

“Everything was push buttons and pistol grips on a big bench board,” Masie says. “Now it’s all computers.”

While times have changed, Masie is thankful the latest technology comes with an incoming workforce eager to use it to provide safe, affordable and reliable electricity for the person at the end of the line.

The cooperative needs your skills

Perhaps Masie’s appreciation for the next cooperative generation is what makes him a good operator/trainer at Laramie River.

It was a year ago when Masie began his training role at Basin Electric. Teaching was new to him at first, but it was a challenge that made him a stronger asset for the cooperative. “You’ve gotta have onsite training in this line of work,” he says.

Following recent retirements, there’s a lot of career opportunities at Basin Electric, Masie adds. He’s eager to show newcomers the ropes, and learn from their ways of thinking. “There’s always a need for qualified people,” he says.

Masie continues to grow as he trains workers. Basin Electric is a place of constant learning; that’s what makes the cooperative’s culture so fun and interesting.

Work with great people, enjoy competitive benefits

Like many folks, Masie has a favorite part of his job at Basin Electric. It’s pretty simple, yet so meaningful in a thriving working environment.

“I like the people here,” he says.

He also appreciates the cooperative as a whole. Basin Electric shows it truly cares for its employees through a positive, family-friendly work environment, as well as its competitive benefits package. “People who work for Basin Electric have job security, good pay and great benefits,” Masie says. “I enjoy my job, and this is a good place to work.”

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