Snowman appears at Groton Generation Station

Groton snowman

Tony Skonhovd and a group of co-op members discovered this snowman at Groton Generation Station.

Groton the snowman was a fairy tale they say. He was made of snow, but no one knows how he came to life one day!

A few weeks ago, someone at Groton Generation Station embraced the wintry weather conditions and built a snowman near the parking lot. It’s still unknown who exactly the snowman’s creator is, but several employees believe it to have been a crane operator for Snell Crane Service, based out of Washington. The contractor worked at the station for nearly a month, moving heavy equipment at both Unit 1 and Unit 2, until the Unit 2 outage ended in late November.

Tony Skonhovd, Groton Generation Station operations maintenance supervisor, happened to be giving a tour to a group of cooperative members from the Aberdeen and Ipswich, SD, area, when they first noticed the snowman. “It was a nice surprise and made us all have a good laugh. It goes to show we are all just kids at heart. Who doesn’t want to build a snowman?” Skonhovd says.

Perhaps the crane operator crafted the snowman because he had extra time on his hands between lifts, or maybe he understood how the simple gesture would magically bring smiles to people’s faces and warmth to their hearts.

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