Stay Basin: Become part of our growing cooperative

Aaron Vigesaa

The great thing about Basin Electric is that it continues to grow. That’s what Aaron Vigesaa will tell you.

“That growth is a positive thing,” says Vigesaa, Antelope Valley Station mechanical engineer. “There will always be work needed to meet growing electrical demand.”

The electrical industry is undoubtedly a great one to be part of. Vigesaa realized that when he interned here after his sophomore year at University of North Dakota.

His initial eight-month stint at the Great Plains Synfuels Plant opened his eyes to what the cooperative is all about. Vigesaa spent an additional summer at the plant, shadowing the facility’s rotating reliability group and maintenance personnel.

It was a valuable experience, one that led to the great job he has today at Antelope Valley.

Be a valued team member

Vigesaa doesn’t always know what kind of projects will come up. He could spend an entire afternoon checking up on different areas of the plant, or coordinating with contractors to provide engineering support.

“I love being able to solve problems when they come up,” Vigesaa says.

Grow your skills through learning opportunities

There was a lot to learn when Vigesaa first started his job at Antelope Valley.

He launched himself onto a path of success by studying multiple plant processes and how they relate to one another. The cooperative prides itself in educating employees via multiple workshops and job-shadowing opportunities.

“That helped a lot,” Vigesaa says.

New experiences also taught Vigesaa that certain things don’t get done overnight. There’s a lot of work and preparation that goes into most projects.

Vigesaa learned working closely and safely with other groups is important, and it’s how success happens at Basin Electric.

“I think all the groups work very well together,” he says. “A career is much more enjoyable when you can work with a fun, hardworking and generous group of people.”

Enjoy a rewarding career

After experiencing the culture of camaraderie and hands-on learning that exists at Basin Electric, it’s easy to see that a career at the cooperative is rewarding.

In addition to enjoying the work you do, a competitive benefits package is offered to all employees.

“Basin Electric is a good company, and the benefits and compensation here are way better than other places around the country,” Vigesaa says. “I highly recommend working here.”

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